How is YOUR name written in Chinuk Pipa?


< Divid > (David) in Chinuk Pipa

I’m about to start giving lessons in the Chinook Jargon’s own unique alphabet, Chinuk Pipa.

That’s literally ‘Chinook Writing’.

Before I get lessons going, I can start by showing you what your name looks like in that alphabet.

Post a comment, and I’ll see if I can find your name to scan from an issue of Kamloops Wawa.

Otherwise I’ll write it myself.

Look for yours below!

Here’s a rough guide to the alphabet, although putting the letters together to make words is a tiny bit more complex 🙂


(image credit: Omniglot)

Kata maika nim kopa Chinuk Pipa?


klaska nim Rinbo ‘their name is Rainbow‘ (in Chinuk Pipa you show that a word is a proper name by dashed underlining) (image credit: Kamloops Wawa #34, 10 July 1892, page 19)

chinukpipa holly

Holi ‘Holly’

chinukpipa aaron kw202 153

Aaron (note, the couple of marks up top are part of a different word that I was unable to snip out!)

chinukpipa jesse

Shisi ‘Jesse’

laura sequoia

Lora ‘Laura’ & Sikwoia ‘Sequoia’

tatis iaka

Tatis Iaka (there’s no separate letter Y in Chinuk Pipa)