1879: The Kittitas “Wau-Wau”

kittitas county

(Image source: Kittitas County website)

Before Kamloops, another Northwest town had a newspaper called the “Talk” in Chinook Jargon.

Twelve years earlier, in fact.

kittitas wau wau


The distinction of having been the first newspaper published in the region now embraced by Kittitas county unquestionably belongs to the Kittitas Wau-Wau, a small amateur paper published in 1879 by Austin A. Bell and Harry M. Bryant, conducting a general store at Ellensburg under the firm name of Austin A. Bell & Co. Number one, volume one, appeared July 4th, 1879, and one other issue ended the career of this venturesome little journal.

— from page 351 of “An Illustrated History of Klickitat, Yakima and Kittitas Counties” ([Spokane, WA]: Interstate Publishing Company, 1904)

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