hiyu smoke!

In the line of providing topically useful vocabulary to my readers…

hiyu smoke

Above you can see ‘very smoky’ in Chinuk Wawa, as spelled by George Coombs Shaw (1909), page 60.

That’s háyú smúk in Grand Ronde style; haiyoo smok in BC teaching spelling.

Either way, it means literally ‘lots of smoke’.

Given the record-setting terrible air quality here in Spokane, Washington this weekend, which is probably not half the hell that much of Oregon and California are enduring, I suggest you combine this phrase with another piece of Jargon grammar: the uuuuuultra-long vowel, as in …

haaaayuuuu smuuuuk!!!!

In English I guess that’d be “Man oh man is it smooooky outside!”

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