Bless my soul, yet another Stó:lō Salish religious word in Kamloops CW

Verse 12, in a Chinuk Wawa translation of the old Catholic hymn “Stabat Mater”, reveals yet another Salish treasure…

…and it happens to be a Stó:lō word that I recognize right away.

Here (in Chinuk Pipa alphabet) is the relevant snip from the “Chinook Book of Devotions throughout the Year”, published in 1902 by Father JMR Le Jeune:


Mamuk sitkom kopa naika
ShK iaka klahawiam
pus tolo naika shhulí.

‘Share with me
Jesus’s misery
in order to win my spirit.’

This new word shhulí is a borrowing of Stó:lō (Upriver Halkomelem / Lower Fraser Salish) shxwelí soul, spirit of a living person’, in the definition given by Brent Galloway’s more-than-excellent dictionary of that language.

I recognized it because the language program of BC’s Stó:lō Nation is known as Stó:lō Shxwelí ‘River (People’s) Spirit’.

Add this loan word to the considerable stratum of BC Chinuk Wawa that uses Salish, and primarily Coast Salish, terminology for religious ideas!

(See also Salish ‘Mind’ as a Discovery in Chinuk Wawa, and various other posts on my site, such as Iilhit: Pidgin Secwepemctsín in Chinook Jargon?.)

What do you think?
Stem’ a spuʔus?