Monthly Archive: January, 2021

Alsea addendum

Today I will add to my previous scattered remarks about the Alsea (Yakonan family/isolate) language and its traces of Chinuk Wawa.

Potatoes Illahee, and a BC CW word

I thought it would be good to pull together various evidence that poteito(s) was a BC Chinuk Wawa word. 

Of tumtums and tom-toms, and 2 kinds of Indians

Hayu masi to reader Heath Daniel Billingsley, who sent me a link to a really great article…

The worst insult in Chinuk Wawa?

Some of you are muttering “dog”, but hear me out…

Nipo T. Strongheart, Hollywood Indian adviser

Nipo T. Strongheart (1894-1966) deserves an article of his own on this website.

A tribute to the Online Etymology Dictionary

The best user-friendly source of information online for word origins is the Online Etymology Dictionary.

Count and mass nouns in Chinuk Wawa

There are two kinds of nouns, in every human language I know of. They can be distinguished as items (what linguists call “count nouns”) vs. substances (“mass nouns”).

R.I.P. to a Seattle fella known for his “Klahowya!”

In the Pacific Northwest, there are folks known for their love of Chinuk Wawa…

Idioms/compounds headed by íkta

I often note the rule that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in Chinuk Wawa.

‘Chehalis’ is Chinookan — and therefore CW?

The Natítanui language, as spoken by Q’lti, and preserved in the 1894 “Chinook Texts”, gives us clues about Chinuk Wawa’s history.