‘Stick Indian’ shows ‘As It Happens’ how we roll…the tape

While doing other chores, my ears pricked up this evening hearing CBC Radio’s ‘As It Happens’ program.

Stick Indian

The host was saying ‘We contacted Sylvia Minthorn’ about something or other–and I thought, well now, that’s a name I associate with the Yakama Nation.

I wasn’t far off.

Turns out Sylvia lives in Pendleton, OR.  That’s the Umatilla Nation.

She’d made an audio recording of an unidentified, uncanny intermittent howl that keeps happening near her home.  Officials and scientists are telling her it’s probably foxes.

If you listen to the audio, you might wonder how they convinced themselves of that.

Ms. Minthorn suggested on air that maybe the sound is from ‘Stick Indians’.  (Nice Chinook Jargon-derived name.)

You could hear how nonplussed the CBC interviewer was, with a very long pause followed by a question like “Did you say, um, ‘Stick Indian’?”

She had to explain to them what Stick Indians are.  Here’s some more Stick Indian background.