Sahalie Club organized

How fitting that a club called < Sahalie > ‘high; elevated’ had an elaborate hierarchy — in Chinuk Wawa.

There were many social and benevolent clubs in the Pacific Northwest that matched this description in the post-frontier era.

Here’s one, from the northwest corner of Washington state:

sahalie club organized

SAHALIE [‘high; elevated’] CLUB ORGANIZED

sahalie club organized 02

…The officers of the new club are: 

Hyas Tyee [háyás táyí, ‘big chief; president’], Dan Cloud.

Tenas Tyee [tənəs-táyí ‘little-chief; vice president’], Miss Lucile Chambers.

Tsum Tillakum [t’sə́m-tílixam ‘writing-person; secretary’], Charles E. Cline.

Chickamen Tillikum [chíkʰəmin-tílixam ‘money-person; treasurer’], Molly Stark Williams.

These with the following are the board of trustees, or Kloshe Tilliums [łúsh tílixam-s ‘good people’][:] Dr. D. Mulder, Prof. P.A. Wright, and Harry Savings.

Those members who have attained to a perpetually snow clad height are to be known as Tillikums Ehile [tílixam-s sáx̣ali? ‘people above’?], other members who have that pleasure yet in anticipation are Sitkums [sítkum ‘half’]

— from the Lynden (WA) Tribune of October 5, 1911, page 1, column 4

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