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Prohibition, 1855 racially-segregated style.

To be frank, this Article was not very hard for me to translate. It unfortunately traffics in concepts that were highly visible in frontier life at the time.

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úkuk táɬlam íkta ɬáska wáwa
this ten thing they talk

‘The tenth thing that was discussed.’

The above tribes and bands are desirous to exclude from their reservation the
úkuk s(h)áwásh-tílixam ɬáska tíki pus hílu íkta páya-wáta pi lám míɬayt kʰapa ɬaska
these Indian-people they want in.order.that any fire-water or alcohol exist on their
‘These Indian people want no firewater or alcohol to be on their’

chxí s(h)áwásh-ílihi,
new Indian-land,
‘new Indian land,’

use of ardent spirits, and to prevent their people from drinking the same, and
pi ɬáska tíki pus hílu ɬáska tílixam mə́kʰmək úkuk, pi
and they want in.order.that not their people drink that, and
‘and they want none of their people to drink it, and’

therefore it is provided that any Indian belonging thereto who shall be guilty of
álta kákwa, pus ɬáksta úkuk s(h)áwásh-tílixam
then thus, if anyone these Indian-people
‘so, if any of these Indian people’

bringing liquor into said reservation, or who drinks liquor, may have his or her
lúlu páya-wáta pi lám kʰapa úkuk chxí s(h)áwásh-ílihi, pi pus ɬáksta mə́kʰmək úkuk
carry fire-water or alcohol to this new Indian-land, and if anyone drink that
‘brings firewater or alcohol to this new Indian land, and if anyone drinks it’

kʰapa úkuk s(h)áwásh-ílihi, ɬúsh pus
on that Indian-land, good if
‘on this Indian land, it will be good for’

proportion of the annuities withheld from him or her for such time as the
hílu úkuk s(h)áwásh t’ɬáp chíkʰəmin kʰapa bástən háyás(h)-papá, pus qʰánchi(x̣)-líli
not that Indian receive money from American great-father, for how.much-long.time
‘that Indian to not receive any money from the American great father, for as long’

President may determine.
háyás(h)-papá yáka tíki.
great-father he want.
‘as the great father wants.’

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