Sinopishia: the Feast of the Tabernacles in CW

Seems to me it would’ve been simpler to translate this as sil-haws aias-son…


Image credit: Fr. John Whiteford’s blog

…i.e. as ‘tent-holiday’ in Kamloops-area Chinook writing.

But no, Father JMR Le Jeune reached deep into his knowledge base and used a koiné Greek word for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, a.k.a. the Festival of Tabernacles if you’re using the Latinate word that Catholics should be more familiar with:

< Wik saia iht aias son kopa Shyus, >
wík-sáyá íxt háyás(h)-sán kʰupa Djúz*,
not-far one big-day for Jews, 

‘It was close to a certain holiday for the Jews,’

< iaka nim Sinopishia
. >

yaka ním Senopíshia.
its name Scenopegia.

‘called Scenopegia.’

— from John 7 in Chinook Book of Devotions page 106

I had to do quite a bit of thinking to figure out this Sinopishia.

I figured it could be related to the old Church term “cenobites” or “coenobites”, referring to those who live communally (monks). But nothing like “coenobitia” turned up in my googling…

It turns out that what we have here is another of Le Jeune’s French-accented Latin words.

Sinopishia represents scenopegia, a Latinized spelling of the relatively obscure Greek skenopegia ‘pitching of tents’.

No wonder this is the first time I’ve ever come across this word in Jargon. Nobody probably understood it. So nobody every picked it up from Le Jeune!

What do you think?
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