Cervus illeheus, Farula klahhane, Camassia quamash

Not a Harry Potter spell, but a crowd-sourcing challenge to my readers……how many scientific species names include Chinuk Wawa?

What gets me wondering is the fact that in my wanderings, I’ve bumped into two such Linnaean nomenclatures:

There’s the now-unused but wonderfully appropriate species name for ‘hybrid deer’, Cervus illeheus (ílihi / íliʔi ‘land, country’):

Here’s the official name of a new species of caddisfly in western Washington, Farula klahhane (from Klahhane (łáx̣ani ‘outside’), the name of a location in Olympic National Park):

farula klahhane

There’s also Camassia quamash for camas ((la)kamas):

camassia quamash

(Image credit: Wikipedia)

That’s quite a start. I’ll bet there’s more Latinized Chinook out there!

Do you know of any others?