1862: A threat taken seriously

A threat made in Chinook Jargon in frontier-era Victoria was understood loud and clear.


Esquimalt village circa 1870 (image credit: Times-Colonist)

A “King George Tyhee” is literally an ‘English boss’.


THREATENING. — The brother of the Indian hanged on Saturday has been heard to threaten that if his relative suffered death he would kill some King George Tyhee in revenge — meaning, doubtless, one of Her Majesty’s officers. This threat was uttered near Skinner’s Farm, on Thursday last. “Charley,” has been executed, and officers who have occasion to pass up and down Esquimalt road should take the precaution of traveling in company as much as possible, to prevent the consummation of the threat.

— from the Victoria (BC) Weekly British Colonist of February 11, 1862, page 4, column 1

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