Monthly Archive: August, 2020

1900: Instinct Versus Science

A replay of the popular “Indians can forecast the weather” trope…

1882: Methods in an Indian School

A late-frontier Washington coast Indian reservation schoolteacher writes to tell of his experiences…

1894: A bilingual CJ-French shorthand text

A nice Rosetta Stone for deciphering Chinuk Pipa and shorthand French…

1894: Drama among the Mongols

An unusual find — a Chinese woman who spoke Chinese Pidgin English:

1902, 1913: Makuk & ‘market’

Here’s a suggested Jargon etymology that I hadn’t noticed before…

1910: Kopa Chuck Lodge & a couple of ironies

This mentions the “famous” Kopa Chuck [‘on the water’] Lodge on Lake Chelan, WA.

“Jesus wept”, word-counting, & Bible translation issues

My Dad’s favorite Bible verse!

1914: Silhouettes ‘n’ Jargon

How would you say ‘silhouette’ in CJ?

1899: Washougal, an Indian Romance

The folklore behind an Indigenous place-name is Whitemansplained; some excellent Chinuk Wawa emerges from the layers of fiction and lavish illustrations.

“Upsaynt” plant

Here’s what I consider a probable Canadian French discovery in the Fort Vancouver region — and yes, I suspect it must be a Chinuk Wawa word new to us.