1902, 1913: Makuk & ‘market’

market illo

Illustration from page 240 of Phillips (1902)

Here’s a suggested Jargon etymology that I hadn’t noticed before…

Walter Shelley “El Comancho” Phillips, in his Chinook dictionary, implies that there’s a strong connection between < mahkook > (‘buy; sell’ etc.) and ‘market’ in his mind:

market dict

page 64 of “The Chinook Book”  (2nd. ed., 1913)

(Incidental note: 4 out of 5 of his example sentences above need to be taken with a grain of salt!) 

It turns out that Comancho, in another book of his, states outright that he suspects this Chinuk Wawa word historically reflects English ‘market’:

market fairy

page 320 of “Indian Fairy Tales” (1902)

Actually, it’s well known that mákuk comes from Nuuchahnulth of Vancouver Island, Canada, via the early-contact “Nootka Jargon”. But Phillips sure had a creative mind.

What do you think?