1910: Kopa Chuck Lodge & a couple of ironies

kopa chuck lodge

This mentions the “famous” Kopa Chuck [‘on the water’] Lodge on Lake Chelan, WA.

“This” is the left-hand article.

I’m including the right-hand headline for you to file in the Dept. of Irony Dept. 🙂 Central Washington’s fruit-growing region is notorious for its its boosteristic egotism, I say as a kid raised here & subjected to the propaganda in our junior-high-school Civics textbooks.

Anyway, as the wonderful LanguageLog blog would say, here is the obligatory screenshot:

kopa chuck lodge snip

Mr. Ewing arrived on the boat this morning with his son Junior, returning from a visit of two days to his friend, C.P. Bissett, owner of Kopa Chuck lodge, the famous ranch on Lake Chelan.

— from the Wenatchee (WA) Daily World of September 5, 1910, page 4, column 3 (not 4!)

Also in the Dept. of Redundancy Dept. — it’s my understanding that “Lake” and “Chelan” mean the same thing, in English & Moses-Columbian Salish.

This Kopa Chuck Lodge isn’t to be confused with the later Kopa Chuck or Kopachuck Lodge, on the Washington Coast. The one on Lake Chelan may have just been someone’s private home, not a big commercial enterprise at all.

I couldn’t find any photos of it, so here’s the Kopachuck Middle School Coyotes logo:

kopachuck coyotes

(Image source: Prep Sportswear)

What do you think?