Monthly Archive: August, 2020

1952 Chinook audio: Myrtle Woodcock

There’s never enough multimedia material in Chinuk Wawa for learners to use; here’s a nice recording that’s been uploaded.

1870: Father Denis Lamure OMI dies

Another, and quite little-known, frontier-era Oblate missionary in BC who used Chinook: Father Denis (‘Dionysius’) Lamure OMI.

1912: Chinese Pidgin English opium deal

I continue researching “that other pidgin” of our region (West Coast-style Chinese Pidgin English), and this find was kind of colorful…

1893?: An “ol rawn” awesome li’l book

Quadrilingual and full of awesome info about BC Chinuk Wawa!

Has anyone seen “Thompson’s Complete Guide to the New Gold Regions”?

Reader challenge: There’s a frontier-era Chinuk Wawa vocabulary that I’ve never laid eyes on, nor heard about till recently…

1898: The popular Antwine story retold

A local “character”…

1891: Captain Bill committed, Victoria, BC

In the early post-frontier period, Chinuk Wawa continued as an important tool for contact between the Indigenous people of the Victoria area and the increasing population of Settlers.

Circa 1850: One clŭtchman good! Want two clŭtchman!

Chinuk Wawa was indeed current in southwest Oregon and northwest California in early frontier times; here’s more evidence.

1858-60: A puzzler, gestures, & “their language”

John Keast Lord was a talented, fun-loving English naturalist & veterinarian on the US-British Boundary Commission that set limits between my greedy American ancestors and my defenceless Canadian ancestors 🙂

“I don’t know, some American.”

Lovely fragments of good Chinuk Wawa from Vancouver Island Salish people: