1896: Ditter Bros. ad


Ditter Brothers Store (image credit: HistoryLink)

Chinuk Wawa used in yet another advertisement:This came in the very early post-frontier era, so local customers would recognize the message from this store in North Yakima (formerly (sort of) Yakima City, which became Union Gap; later just Yakima).

The Jargon portion of the ad is the bottom, between “CASH ONLY” (reminiscent of Jargon < halo jawbone >) and “DITTER BROS.”:

ditter bros

Spose mitka [sic] tika hyas kloshe iktas mika markuk kopa nesika house.
spus mayka tíki hayas-(t)łúsh íkta-s mayka mákuk (Ø) kʰupa nsayka mákuk-háws.
if you(singular) want very-good thing-s you buy (3rd.person.inanimate) at our buy-house.
‘If you want excellent goods, you’ll buy (them) at our store.’

— from the North Yakima Herald of June 4, 1896, page 2, columns 4-7

That’s a fine fluent phrase, right down to the “silent THEM/IT”.

I bet it was spoken to many a customer!

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