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Halo jawbone

At evening we walked up to Geary’s ranch, which he ” runs ” as a kind of hotel for the few travellers who pass this way. Conspicuous on the wall of the only… Continue reading

1896: Ditter Bros. ad

Chinuk Wawa used in yet another advertisement:

1887: A Ramble in British Columbia

A book that we’ve only briefly touched on has a tiny bit more to tell about Chinuk Wawa in BC.

The Passing of a Race

Some weekend reading: “The Passing of a Race: And More Tales of Western Life” by David Williams Higgins (1834-1917), formerly speaker of the British Columbia Legislature, published in 1905 by William Briggs, Toronto.… Continue reading

Fearing Death Soon, Red Defies Ostracism

Another case of the actual Chinuk Wawa words telling a different story from what the Whites claimed they meant!