So 2 chiefs and a priest go to Europe, part 43

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“…several boys stared at Louis and at Celestin [Chilliheetza].
I told one boy, “We 
want to take six boys to our country, very far away, and herd cattle there.  Would you like to come?”
answered, “I’m afraid that when we get there, we’ll be thrown in the water!”

Chaplin Shanghaied

     <Sept. 20.> Tyusdi naika mash Plankwat, pi naika kilapai
    Sept. 20.  On Tuesday I left Planco
ët, and I returned 

kopa Pliibir Krist: iawa naika sistir Mari, kanamokst Lui pi Silista
to Pleyber-Christ; there my sister Marie, together with Louis and Celestin [Chilliheetza], 

chako kopa trin kanamokst naika. <x> Sitkom son, nsaika kro kopa
came onto the train with me.  At midday, we arrived at 

Landirno, kah naika ilip sistir Oliv chako wiht kanamokst nsaika
Landerneau, where my eldest sister Olive also came along with us, 

pi pulakli nsaika tlap kopa iht ilihi iaka nim Konkarno
and at night we got to a place called Concarneau.  



     Ukuk Konkarno tawn mitlait kopa solt chok; pi iawa
    This Concarneau town is at the ocean; and there 

solt chok iaka patl kopa tanas fish klaska nim sardins.
the sea is full of little fish called sardines.  

Ayu tilikom mamuk kopa ukuk fish. Iawa mitlait iaka haws
A lot of people make a living from those fish.  That’s where the house of 

naika sistir Mari; pi iaka man iaka brothir, liplit iaka, chako
my sister Marie is; and her brother-in-law, who is a priest, came 

nanich nsaika kopa ukuk ilihi. Ukuk liplit lolo naika kopa
to visit us at this place.  This priest took me to 

liplit klaska haws, mitlait taham liplit kanamokst nsaika kopa ukuk
the priests’ house; there were six priests with us at that 

haws: iawa nsaika makmak pi nsaika slip pulakli; pi Lui pi
house; there we ate and we spent the night; and Louis and 

Silista klaska mitlait kopa Mari iaka haws.
Celestin [Chilliheetza] stayed at Marie’s house.  

     <Sept. 21.> Tanas son naika lamis kopa Konkarno
    Sept. 21.  In the morning I said mass at Concarneau’s 

iaka styuil haws. Kopit makmak, nsaika klatwa kanawi kopa
church.  After eating, we all went to 

stishon: iawa tanas ayu tanas man ayu nanich kopa Lui
the station; there, several boys stared at Louis 

pi kopa Silista. Naika wawa kopa iht tanas man: = Nsaika
and at Celestin [Chilliheetza].  I told one boy, “We 

tiki lolo taham tanas man kopa nsaika ilihi, drit saia, pi
want to take six boys to our country, very far away, and 

iawa kiskis musmus. Maika na tiki chako? <#> Iaka
herd cattle there.  Would you like to come?”  He 

wawa: = Naika kwash pus nsaika tlap iawa pi klaska mash
answered, “I’m afraid that when we get there, 

nsaika kopa chok.
we’ll be thrown in the water!”  

     Nsaika klatwa kopa trin, pi mokst tintin kopit sitkom son
    We got onto the train, and at two o’clock in the afternoon 

nsaika kro kopa Sin An ilihi. <x> Iawa mitlait iht haha styuil
we arrived at a place, Sainte-Anne.  That is where there is a holy 

haws, kah ayu tilikom kwanisim klatwa styuil. <x> Ankati iht
church, where many people are constantly going to pray.  A long time ago a 

man iaka nim Nikolasik, iaka nanich Sint An kopa ukuk ilihi, iaka
man named Nicolazic saw St Anne at that place, and he 

tlap kopa ilihi, Sint An iaka statyu, Sint An mamuk ayu ikta
found on the ground a statue of St Anne.  St Anne did many 

haha kopa ukuk ilihi, kakwa iaka aias haha ukuk ilihi
holy things at this place, so the place is very holy  

alta. Nsaika klatwa nanich ukuk aias tlus styuil haws;
now.  We went to visit this beautiful church;