So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 44

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…the porter held out his hand for a tip, and Chief Louis shook it…

Tipping or shaking hands

…drit ayu lotil mitlait kopa ukuk styuil haws, pi drit aias tlus
…there were many altars in this church, and 

ukuk lotil kanawi. Wiht kopa klahani, aias tlus pi aias
all of these altars were really beautiful.  And also outside [there was] a beautiful and very 

sahali tintin haws, pi iawa drit sahali kopa ukuk tintin haws
tall bell tower, and there quite high in the bell tower 

mitlait Sint An iaka statyu, kakwa gol kanawi, pi iaka ayu lait kopa
was a statue of St Anne, looking like gold all over, and it was shining in 

son, <x> Tanas saia kopa ukuk styuil haws mitlait haha fawntin;
the sunlight.  A short ways from the church was a holy fountain; 

pi tanas saia wiht mitlait haha stips, ukuk ston
and a short distance farther were holy steps, the stone 

stips kah ShK ankati klatwa kopa Pos Pilat iaka haws, pus
steps where Jesus once went to Pontius Pilate’s house, when 

wik saia mimlus; tilikom klatwa ashnu sahali kopa ukuk stirs
he was about to die; people who go to kneel on top of these stairs 

ilo klaska mash klaska lipii kopa ukuk stips.
never let their feet leave [contact with] these steps.  

     Nsaika wiht klatwa kopa styuil haws, pi iawa mitlait iht
    We again went to the church, and there, there was a 

man iaka kwanisim tlus nanich ukuk styuil haws; naika tiki styuil
man who keeps a constant watch over the church; I wanted to pray 

lamas tanas son kopa Sint An iaka haha lotil: iaka mamuk cim
mass in the morning at St Anne’s holy altar; he wrote 

naika kopa kwinam tintin pi sitkom tanas son.
me down for five-thirty in the morning.  


     <Sept. 22.> Pi nawitka tanas son naika lamis kopa
    Sept. 22.  And indeed in the morning I said mass at 

ukuk styuil haws, pi Lui pi Silista klaska iskom .
this church, and Louis and Celestin [Chilliheetza] took communion.  

Naika lili naika tanas sik, pi iawa naika chako kakwa pus kopit
For a long time time I’d been under the weather, but there I became seemingly done 

sik; klunas Sint An mamuk klahawiam naika.
being sick; maybe St Anne took pity on me.  

     Pus nsaika kopit sytuil pi kopit makmak, cikcik lolo nsaika
    When we were done praying and done eating, a carriage took us 

kopa stishon. Naika mash tomtom siisim kopa msaika kata ukuk
to the station.  I forgot to tell you folks what this 

stishon: ukuk stishon mitlait Sint An iaka statyu, drit
station was like; this station had a statue of St Anne, right 

sahali kopa stishon haws.
on top of the station house.  

     Pus nsaika tlap kopa ukuk stishon, naika aiak klatwa makuk
    When we got to this station, I went right away to buy 

tikit kopa tikit man, pi ukuk cikcik man iaka lolo nsaika kopa
tickets from the ticket clerk, and the carriage driver who had taken us to 

stishon, iaka klatwa kopa taii Lui, iaka mamuk klahani iaka
the station went to chief Louis and stuck out his 

lima pus Lui patlach tanas shikmin kopa iaka; cikcik man
hand for Louis to give him a bit of money [a tip]; carriage drivers 

kwanisim tlap tanas shikmin, kakwa <5> sinc. Pi Lui ilo komtaks
always get a little money, like 5 cents.  But Louis wasn’t familiar with 

ukuk mamuk, kakwa iaka iskom ukuk man iaka lima, iaka skukum
this custom, so he shook this man’s hand, he really firmly 

shik hanc kopa iaka, pi kanawi tilikom ayu ihi pus klaska
shook hands with him, and everyone was laughing when they 

nanich. Naika sistir Mari chako siisim ukuk kopa naika.
saw it.  My sister Marie came to tell this to me.