So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 45

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     <Augan. x Malansac. x Nantes.>

maximin and melanie

     Iawa naika mokst sistirs kilapai kopa klaska ilihi, pi nsaika
    Then my two sisters went back to their hometown, and we 

iskom oihat pus klatwa kopa Lurd. <x> Pi ilip nsaika klatwa
took the road to go to Lourdes.  But first we went 

kopa iht tanas tawn iaka nim Ogan: iawa mitlait Pir Toma iaka
to a small town called Augan; that’s where Pere Thomas‘ 

tilikom. Tatilam pi mokst liplit chako nanich nsaika kopa Pir
family live.  Twelve priests came to see us at Pere 

Toma iaka sistir iaka haws. Klaska makmak kanamokst nsaika,
Thomas’ sister’s house.  They ate with us, 

sitkom son pi wiht pulakli; klaska aias tiki kolan naika
lunch and also dinner; they loved hearing me 

siisim kata kanawi ikta kopa ukuk ilihi, kata tilikom klaska
tell what everything is like in this country, how the people 

iskom liplit iaka wawa, pi kata klaska styuil.
take the priest’s words seriously, and how they pray.  

     <Sept. 23.> Tumolo sitkom son liplit kopa Ogan lolo
    <Sept. 23.>  Midday the next day, the priest from Augan took 

nsaika kopa iaka haws: iawa nsaika tlap <14> liplit klaska
us to his house; there we found 14 priests who 

chako makmak kanamokst nsaika. Kanawi klaska sik tomtom kopa
had come to eat with us.  All of them were sad about 

ukuk nsaika aiak mash klaska. Pi wik kata pus ilo: kanawi
our leaving them [so] soon.  But there was no other way; all 

nsaika son klaska cim alta pus nsaika kuli kah nsaika tiki
of our days are marked [scheduled] now, for us to travel [every]where we want 

klatwa. <x> Sitkom son nsaika mash klaska, pi kopa tlun tintin
to get to.  At  midday we left them, and at three o’clock 

kopit sitkom son, nsaika kro kopa iht stishon iaka nim Malansak:
in the afternoon, we arrived at a station named Malansac; 

iawa iht tanas man, klunas <20> iaka sno iaka wit kopa nsaika
there a young man about 20 years old was waiting for us 

pi iaka lolo nsaika kopa cikcik, kopa iht tanas tawn iaka
and he took us by carriage, to a little town 

nim Kadin: iawa mitlait iaka tilikom Pir Lshin iaka mitlait liplit
named Caden; that’s where the relatives live of Pere Lechine (sp?), who serves as a priest  

kopa Vankuvir. Iawa liplit iaka wiht tlus tomtom kopa nsaika; iaka
at Vancouver.  The priest there, too, was kind to us; he 

iskom nsaika kopa iaka haws, iaka lolo nsaika nanish ukuk Pir
took us to his house, he took us to visit those 

Lshin iaka tilikom; pulakli nsaika makmak pi nsaika slip kopa
relatives of Pere Lechine; at night we ate and we slept at 

iaka haws.
his house.  


     <Sept. 24.> Tanas son nsaika styuil lamis kopa Kadin
    Sept. 24.  In the morning we prayed mass at the Caden

styuil haws; kopa tlus Mari iaka haha lotil, kah mitlait iaka
church; at St Mary’s holy altar, where there is a 

statyu pi Maksimin pi Milani kakwa ankati kopa La Salit ilihi.
statue of Maximin and Melanie long ago at La Salette.  

Kopit makmak, ukuk tanas man wiht lolo nsaika kopa stishon, pi
After a meal, this young man took us again to the station, and  

nsaika wiht kuli kopa trin pi kro kopa iht aias tawn iaka
we once again traveled by train until a big town 

nim Nant. Kopa oihat nsaika nanich iht tawn iaka nim <Lorient>
called Nantes.  On the way we saw a town called Lorient[…]