So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 42

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Two spiritual practices…

Sweat housePleyber-Christ la crois de procession

     Pi klaska tlap tanas ihi: klaska wawa: Nsaika
    But they [chiefs Louis & Celestin/Chilliheetza] had a bit of a laugh; they said, “We 

tlus mitlait kopa iakwa, pi aias lili alta wik nsaika mamuk
were doing fine over here, but it had been a long time since we’d built 

swit haws; tlus nsaika mamuk swit haws. Pi klaska
a sweat bath; we needed to take a sweat bath.”  So they   

klatwa kopa iht tipso ilihi, kah mitlait chok; iawa
went to a meadow where there was a stream; there 

klaska mamuk swit haws. Pi pus klaska mitlait kopa ukuk
they built a sweat bath.  And while they were in that 

swit haws, skul chako kopit, pi kanawi tanas man pi
sweat bath, school let out, and all the boys and 

tanas kluchmin kopa skul kuli nanich ikta klaska mamuk.
girls from the school ran to see what they were doing.  

Pi klaska mitlait kakwa skukum haws kopa ukuk swit haws.
So there they were, practically trapped in the sweat bath.  

     <Sept. 16.> Tumoro, Fraidi, naika sistir Mari lolo
    Sept. 16.  The next day, Friday, my sister Marie took 

naika kopa Morti tawn, kah nsaika nanish iht iht wiht nsaika
me to Morlaix (?) town, where we visited several more of our 

tilikom. Pi Satirdi iaka lolo naika kopa San Tkonik, iht
relatives.  Then on Saturday she took me to Saint-Thégonnec, a 

tanas tawn iaka <4> mail saia kopa nsaika ilihi; iawa
little town that’s 4 miles from our hometown; there 

mitlait iaka man iaka mama. Iawa wiht mitlait iht aias
is where her mother-in-law lives.  There is also a 

tlus ston styuil haws, pi iht aias ston lakrwa pi ayu
beautiful stone church there, and a big stone cross and a lot of 

statyu, kah iaka cim kanawi ukuk tilikom klaska nanish ShK
statues, where there are engraved all the people who visited Jesus 

pus iaka mimlus kopa lakrwa.
while he was dying on the cross.


     <Sept. 18.> Sondi iaka aias Sondi kopa nsaika ilihi.
    Sept. 18.  Sunday was a feast day in our hometown.  

Kanawi tilikom klatwa prosishon kopa iht tanas styuil
Everyone made a procession to a little 

haws iht mail saia kopa tawn. Klaska ayu shanti kopa
church a mile from our town.  They were singing along 

oihat, klaska lolo aias tlus lakrwa, iht gol lakrwa drit
the way, and they carried a beautiful cross, a gold cross, really 

aias til, iaka tlus kopa <1000> tala. Naika ilip sistir
very heavy, worth 1,000 dollars.  My eldest sister 

Oliv chako kanamokst iaka tanas, kakwa nsaika makmak kanawi
Olive came along with her children, so we at all 

kanamokst kopa ukuk son.
together that day.  


     <Sept. 19.> Mondi naika klatwa kopit iht kopa iht ilihi
    Sept. 19.  On Monday I went alone to a place 

iaka nim Plankwat, nanich iht aias tlus kluchmin iaka mitlait
named Plancoët to visit a very good woman who lives  

kopa iht aias haws, kopit iht iaka tomtom, pus iaka tlus
in a big house; she has only one thought, to 

styuil kopa ukuk ilihi pi iaka tolo sahali ilihi.
pray well on this earth until she reaches Heaven.