So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 41

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Meet yet more Le Jeunes!  

local-pilgrimmage-at-landerneau-1867.jpg!xlMedium“…and [my nephews] Louis, and Pierre, both of these now know Chinook writing…”

Iawa naika tlap mokst naika sistirs: iht iaka nim Oliv, <45>
There I found two of my sisters; one is named Olive, who is 45 

iaka sno, iaka marii kopa Shak Pishyu, pi iaka mitlait taham
years old and married to Jacques Pecheux (sp?) and has six 

tanas: An Mari, iaka sistir alta kopa Wilsh tilikom klaska
children: Anne-Marie, who is a nun now in the Welsh people’s 

ilihi; pi Lui, pi Piir, ukuk mokst alta komtaks Shinuk pipa;
country; and Louis, and Pierre, both of these now know Chinook writing; 

pi wiht Iv, pi Fraswa, pi Mari Kristin. <x> Pi iht naika
and also Yves, and Francois, and Marie-Christine.  And the other of my 

sistir, iaka nim Mari, iaka marii kopa iht man iaka nim, pi
sisters is named Marie, married to a man named Tanguy, but 

iaka mimlus; pi mitlait tlun iaka tanas, Lui, pi Shyū, pi
he is dead, and she has three children, Louis, and Jeu (sp?), and 

An;. <x> Klaska lolo naika kopa Oliv iaka haws, iawa sitkom
Anne.  They brought me to Olive’s home; there at mid-

son, chako Shak Pishyū, iaka drit tlus tomtom nanich naika.
day came Jacques Pecheux, who was really happy to see me.  

     Naika mitlait kanamokst klaska ukuk son pi tumolo sitkom son
    I stayed with them that day, and the next day at midday 

naika mokst sistirs chako kanamokst naika kopa iht tawn iaka nim
my two sisters came with me to a town named 

Landirno, kah mitlait naika brothir Fraswa iaka kluchmin, iaka nim
Landerneau, where my brother Francois’ wife lives, who is named 

Klodin, mitlait kwinam iaka tanas: naika brothir iaka mimlus alta
Claudine; she has five children; my brother died 

kwinam sno. Ukuk iaka tanas klaska nim: Iv, iaka liplit alta
five years ago.  These children of hers are named Yves, who is a priest now 

iaka chako nanich nsaika kopa London tawn; pi Luis, pi Aliksin [?]
and who came to see us in London town; and Louise, and Alexine (sp?) 

pi An Mari, pi ukuk tlun klaska sistirs alta; pi mitlait
and Anne-Marie, and these three are nuns now; and there is 

iht kimta tanas man, iaka nim Shak, pi klaska mamuk nim wiht
one later son named Jacques, but they nickname him  

iaka Piir: iaka silor, iaka mitlait alta kopa Marok ilihi,
Pierre; he is a sailor who now lives in the country of Morocco 

kopa Afrika. Kakwa naika brothir iaka kluchmin iaka mitlait kopit iht.
in Africa.  So my sister-in-law lives all alone.  

Iaka kanamokst iht iaka sistir iaka Shan Ivon kopa iht
She’s with one of her sisters, that’s Jeanne-Yvonne, in a 

haws kopa Landirno.
house in Landerneau.  

     Naika wiht klatwa kopa liplit iaka haws kopa Landirno, pi
    I also went to the house of a priest in Landerneau, and 

naika nanich iawa iht liplit, iaka Pir Lshak iaka nifyu.
there I visited a priest who is Pere Le Jacq’s nephew.  

     Nsaika wiht iskom iht cikcik, pi klatwa kopa iht tanas
    We again got a carriage, and went to a small 

tawn, klunas <4> mails saia kopa Landirno: iawa naika
town about 4 miles away from Landerneau; there I 

nanich iht wiht naika mama iaka sistir, iaka nim Fraswas,
visited another of my mother’s sisters, named Francoise, 

pi iaka man iaka nim Tiodor; pi mitlait mokst klaska tanas,
and her husband, named Theodore, and there were two of their children, 

iht iaka nim Fraswa Mari, pi iht iaka nim Marian.
one called Francois-Marie, and one called Marianne.  

     <Sept. 15.> Tumoro, naika kilapai kopa Pliibir Krist, naika
    Sept. 15.  The next day, I went back to Pleyber-Christ; my 

sistir Mari kanamokst naika. Lui pi Silista klaska tlus mitlait
sister Marie was with me.  Louis and Celestin [Chilliheetza] were enjoying[…]