1882: Klahowya Queen’s Papoose!

British Columbia has a history of greeting the royals in Chinuk Wawa.


Here, it was Princess Louise, visiting Vancouver Island in late frontier times:

klahowya queens

Another very tasteful arch stood at the top of the hill, nearly opposite the Mayor’s residence. This bore the expressive Chinook mottoes:

“Klahowya Queen’s Papoose,” (welcome Queen’s daughter), and “Nesika util tum-tum Copa Mesika,” (Our Hearts are glad to see you.)

— from the Nanaimo (BC) Daily News of October 7, 1882, page 1, column 2

This is distinctly BC Chinook Jargon:

(k)ɬax̣áwya kwín-s* papús
(‘hello queen’s baby’)

nsayka yútɬiɬ-tə́mtəm kʰupa msayka
(which is really ‘we are glad-hearted for you folks’)

qʰata mayka təmtəm?
What do you think?