Daily Archive: September 5, 2022

“Naika tilicum” and Native ways of talking about your relatives

One page after declaring the fur trade extinct on the coast, Geo. Gibbs (1877) tries to explain why nayka tilixam is such a common expression among Native people, and by extension among all Chinuk… Continue reading

So many Métis words in interior PNW languages (part 8: Nɬeʔkepmxcín / Thompson River Salish)

There are tremendous numbers of of loanwords into Nɬeʔkepmxcín (“Thompson River Salish”)… (Image credit: Wikipedia) Many came from the neighbouring tribal languages Halq’eméylem to the west, Nsilxcn to the east, and Nicola Athabaskan… Continue reading

1862: You Saby — blending Chinese Pidgin English and Chinuk Wawa in Oregon

Way back in the “frontier” era, when Oregon was a young state, you could publish an entire newspaper article in Chinook Jargon blended with the West Coast variety of Chinese Pidgin English.