“Quick willies” in the Okanagan

I was looking through “BC Then and Now: Okanagan / Kootenay / Cariboo / Volume One” by Roland Morgan (Vancouver, BC: Bodima, 1978).

Exterior of a traditional pit house in BC (image credit: Transitions Abroad)

It’s a book with both historic and recent photographs of identical scenes in various BC places.

The historic photo for Kelowna is of a traditional pit house.

Morgan calls these “kekuli houses–known as ‘quick willies’ to settlers.'”

I’ve seen this term as an English borrowing with a qu- at the beginning (quiggly, I think).

Also as “winter kickwillies” among the Lower Similkameen Indian Band (Sməlqmix). (That’s a clickable link.)

But ‘quick willies’ is new to me.

Nice regionalism!

And nice folk etymology — turning a word that’s foreign to you into something that sounds like your own language.

kata maika tumtum?
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