Lower Chehalis ‘boy baby’ etc. < CW

A very brief glance at a parallel between Lower Chehalis (Coast Salish) and a language that it helped give birth to, Chinook Jargon…


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Lower Chehalis has these words:

  • stíʔxʷ is ‘man’
    (so stíʔxʷ[-]uʔ is literally ‘little man’, thus a ‘boy’, just as in Chinuk Wawa)
  • x̣áʔq[-]aʔ is ‘child-ren’

So it’s a shared metaphor with CW when Lower Chehalis makes a compound word:

  • stíʔixʷ x̣áʔqaʔ ‘boy babies’

In “the Jargon”, it’s long been customary to specify the gender of a large 😁 mammal, whether cattle or a human child, by preposing the word mán for male, or ɬúchmən for female.

So mán-tənás = a boy child or boy baby.

Get it?

qʰata mayka təmtəm?
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