1903: Henry B. Nichols Recalls the Calapooians (h/t David G. Lewis)

One of the countless top-notch articles over at my colleague David G. Lewis PhD’s blog NDNHistoryResearch (go! read! learn! donate!) drew my attention.


David, who is an absolute master at delving into Oregon tribal history, gathered a set of archival materials to write “Henry B. Nichols Recalls the Calapooians”.

You have to surf over there to read the whole thing. I’m only going to show 2 small points from the article that relate to Chinuk Wawa.

  • A K’alapuyan man known as “Masatche William” and remembered as (part of) “a bad lot” — this is másháchi ‘evil; bad’.
  • A sentence spoken by K’alapuyan “Ben”: “Hyack Clattawa copa Chuck.” It’s an urgent request to ‘hurry to the creek’, (h)áyáq łátwa kʰapa tsə́qw (literally ‘quickly go to water’).

You’ll find vastly more material as you read your way around David’s fine site. Quite a bit of it has to do with the “Jargon”. You’ll come away much better informed.

This fella has done an enormous amount of good for researchers in our region. It’s time to give him a bunch of respect!

What do you think?
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