Cascadian grammar puzzle

That title is how I justify including this amusement in my blog.

From “News of the Weird“:

David Myrland, an anti-government “sovereign” now serving three years in federal prison for threatening the mayor of Kirkland, Wash., filed a federal lawsuit in February accusing various officials of conspiracy — by the manipulation of bad grammar, i.e., “backwards-correct-syntaxing-modification fraud.” Each word of the original complaint, coded by Myrland as to part of speech, “proves” to him that the complaint was “fraudulent” and “handicapping.” (Random sentence from Myrland’s filing: “For the WORDS OF an ADVERB-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-MODIFICATIONS ARE with an USE of the SYNTAX-GRAMMAR with the VOID of the POSITIONAL-LODIAL-FACT-PHRASE with the SINGLE-WORD-MODIFIER AS THE: A, AS, AT, AM, BECAUSE (many words omitted) FACT by the VASSALEES.”) (“Sovereigns” generally reject the federal government, and Myrland did not explain why he expected a federal judge would have authority to help him.) [Seattle Weekly, 2-14-2012] [, 1-23-2012]