Kamloops Wawa pictures: Part 1, Spahomin = “Douglas Lake Indians”

In Kamloops Wawa #132 (September 1895), page [132], at the top of the page, is this prominent image.

Some or all of these elders were fluent Chinuk Wawa speakers and writers.

Their own written words possibly survive in archives or in the hands of families.

douglas lake indians

Here’s what the newspaper tells us about 3 of these 4 people, in Chinook Jargon underneath this precious photo:

Mokst piktyur mitlait kopa ukuk pipa. Ukuk iht tanas,
‘There are two pictures in this newspaper. This first little one,’ 

iaka, Alik Ropir kopa Duglas Lik, kanamokst Shoni Harpir
‘it’s Alec Roper from Douglas Lake [Spahomin, BC], together with Johnny Harper’ 

pi Alik Ropir iaka kluchmin. Shoni Harpir iaka mimlus,
‘and Alec Roper’s wife. Johnny Harper has died,’

pi wiht ukuk kluchmin iaka nim Hariit, iaka mimlus.
‘and also this woman, named Harriet, has died.’

Spáhomin / Douglas Lake Indian Reserve is a ways south of Kamloops, British Columbia, in northern Syilx / Okanagan Salish territory. The nearest towns are Quilchena and Merritt, for reference.

The Spáhomin people were among the first, and most enthusiastic, users of Chinuk pipa (‘Chinook writing’), in 1891.

qʰata mayka təmtəm?
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