George Robinson’s store vocab from Kitamaat, BC (Part 2 of 2)

And here is the second half of the treasure that linguist Emmon Bach sent to me.

(Here’s a link to Part 1.)


Among the new discoveries here is ‘yarn’ — literally ‘stocking thread’ in Chinuk Wawa.

everlasting adj ” ” ” ” (eternal adj waks kun sick

face n se^-ah-host

far adj si.(y)a’h

father n papa Chinook: may be pa’ pa’

fat adj fat

fat n grease Grammatical category: “adj” crossed out and replaced with “n”

fear n kwass

feather n tep-so.kul-lay.kule Chinook: may be tip-so.kul-lay.kulewith “i” not dotted

fence n kul.lahan Chinook: uncertain; may have dot under “n” 

few adj hay-lo hy-you Chinook: actually looks like “hay=lo hy-you“; untranscribed mark under first “o” may be significant

fill v mam mook paht

find v clap

fingers n (lee do) Chinook: may be “(lee clo)”

firewood n fire-stick

fire} n fire

first adj e-lip Chinook: may be e’-lip” or “c’-lip

fish n fish

flesh n meat

flood tide n chuck chak he sock.kel.e Chinook: may be chuck chak hi sock.kel.ewith “i” not dotted, or chuck chak ho sock.kel.e

flour n sap-o.let Chinook: may be sap-o.lel

fog n smoke

food n muc-a-muc

foolish adj pel-ton

foot n lay-pe^ a’

forget v lost tum tum

fox n stick kam-ox

fresh salmon} n salmon eggs spawn }

fresh adj chee

friend n si se Chinook: may be si sc

from prep’

frying pan n lip-well

full adj paht

fun n hee.hee

gain v to-lo

gamble v lay-hal Chinook: untranscribed mark following word

get v is-kum Chinook: may be es-kum” or “ir-kum

gift n cul-tus pot-latch Chinook: may be oul-tus pot-latch

girl n ten-nass klotch man

give v pot-latch

go in v klat-ay-way house

go outside v klat-ay-way kla-han-e Chinook: may be klat-ay-way h’la-han-e

God n Sock kel.le ty-he

gold n gold

goods n ik-tales Chinook: may be ik-tates

good adj kloshe

go v klat-ay-way

graphite n (yum stone) Chinook: “y” uncertain

grass n tip so koppa’ il la’y.he Chinook: “i” of “il” not dotted; not clear whether marks transcribed as apostrophes are significant or not

grease n grease

great adj hy-as

ground n il lay he Chinook: “i” uncertain; not dotted

gum n lay-gum

gun nipple n kwo-lan mus.ket

gun n mus.ket Chinook: may be musket

hair seal n si wash co she English: uncertain Chinook: uncertain

hair n (yakso) tip so Chinook: uncertain

happy adj kloshetum tum

hat n hat

haul v haul

head n lay-tet Chinook: may be lay-let

heart n tum tum English: uncertain

heart n tum tum English: uncertain Chinook: second “t” not crossed; may be “tum lum

heaven n sock kel e il lay.he Chinook: untranscribed mark preceding “s”

heavy adj titt Chinook: may be “litt

help v help

herring spawn n fish eggs

hide v ip-soot

his pro yak ka’ English: uncertain

Holy Spirit n (Kloshe Spirit) Sock-kel-e ty.he Spirit

hot adj ?? Chinook: indecipherable

house n house

humble adj hay lo you il Chinook: uncertain

hungry v o^-lo

hunt coo-ley mam-mook skin

idle v lazy

if spose

ill v sick

iron n chick’ Chinook: may be check’-a.mencheck’-a.min“, or chick’-a.min“; also, apostrophe  and second “c” uncertain

I } n ni.ka

jail } n skoo kum house Chinook: may be house” or skookum house

kettle n kettle

kill } v mam mook men.mell.loost English: brackets next to “kill” and “knee” do not here indicate they  go together

knock v kock shit

know v kum-tax

language n lay-lang

large adj hy-as

last adj kim-ta Chinook: may be kim-ta’

leave[,] go v mash

left} v ” ” ” ” Chinook: ditto marks uncertain [DDR: these may mean that the Chinuk Wawa word for ‘left’ is ‘left’, as found elsewhere in BC]

left} [DDR: ‘lift’] v mam-mook sock kel e

lend v lend

lie n klem-in whit Chinook: may be klim-in whit” with first two “i”s not dotted 

lion n how how

little adj ten nass

long adj lay-le

long adj lay-le

look after v kloshe nan.itch

looking glass n se^-ah-host glass

look v nan-itch

mad adj scot-tee Chinook: untranscribed mark after final “e”

make v mam-mook

many adj hy-you

man n man

mask n stick se ah host

mast n sail stick

mat n clis. kwis

meat n meat

medicine n lem-it seen

meet v clap kun a moxt

melt v lip lip

midnight n sit.cum.po.lak.le

mid-day n sit-cum sun

mistake n it.seepie^ Chinook: “i” uncertain

mocassin n skin shoes

money n chick-a^ men Chinook: may be chick-a^ min” with i not dotted

month n moon

moon n moon

morning n ten-nass sun

mother n ma’ ma Chinook: may be ma ma

mouse n soo-ley

mouth n lay-boos

move (on) v coo-ley

my p ni.ka

nail n nail

name n name 

name v mammook name Chinook: may be mummook name

near adj wake si-ah Chinook: may be wake se-ah

nearly} ad ” ” “
” }
near adj wake si-ah Chinook: may be wake se-ah

new} adj

new} adj chee

night n po.lak le

noon n sit.cum sun

nose n nose

now ad al-ta

oil n grease

old man n old man

old woman n old klootchman

our [DDR: actually “oar”] n long is-sick Chinook: may be long es-sick“; first “i” not dotted

paddle n is-sick

paddle v mam-mook is-sick

person n til.e-cum

potatoe n wap-pay-to

powder n po-lal.le Chinook: may be po-lal le

pull v haul English: uncertain

quick hy-ack

railway engine n steam-boat koppa’ il lay Chinook: “i” not dotted; may instead be steam-boat koppa il lay

rain n snass

red blanket n pil

red adj pil

ring n kwe-e-kwe

road n way hut} Chinook: may be hoi-hot } “way hot

rock n stone

salmon net n

salt n salt

say v waw-waw

sea weed n salt-chuck

shame n shame Grammatical category: may be “v”

shawl n le-shawl

sheep n lam-o^o^-to Chinook: mark extends over “oo” sequence; either a straight line or a circumflex

shoot v mam-mook poo

show v mam-mook nanitch

shut the door mam-mook kow lay pote Chinook: “pote” uncertain

silver n t’.kope dol la’ Chinook: may be t’kope dol la’

sinew n rope

skin n skin

slave n e-li-te

sleep v sleep

smell v hum

smoke n smoke English: not crossed out

snow n snow

soul n tum tum

speak v waw waw

speech n waw waw

steal v kap-swal-lar

steamer n steam-boat

stomach n le^-sack

stone n stone

store n mah-cook house

strong adj skook.cum

summer n warm il lay-he

sweet adj ‘tsee Chinook: initial apostrophe uncertain

table n (lah-tahb)

tail n o-poots

teach v mam-mook. kum tax Chinook: may be mam-mook. kum tase

tears n cry chuck

tear v kok.shit

thirsty v o^-lo^ chuck

thorn n stick needle

thread n whale um

tobacco n smoke

tongue n lay-lang

top n sock kel-e

tree n stick

truth n de^ late

under shirt n keek-wil le shirt

underpants n keek`-wil le pants

vein n rope kah pil pil mit lite

vest n (keek-wil le coat)

vomit v hoh

waist coat n keek wil -le coat

walk v cul-cools ley Chinook: uncertain; “cul-” may have been erased, “cools” reproduced badly

want v tik. he Chinook: may be tek. he

warm adj warm

wash v wash

water n chuck

weak adj hay.lo Chinook: may be hay.le

whisper v ip-soot waw waw

white blanket n t’kope pay-sis se Chinook: apostrophe uncertain

white adj t’ kope

wife n klootch man

willow grouse n chickens koppa’ stick Chinook: apostrophe uncertain

will n tum-tum

wind n wind

wing n kul lay kul-e le^-mah Chinook: may be kul lay keel-e le^-mah

winter n cold il lay.he

woman n klootch man

works n mam-mook

work v mam-mook

world n il-la^y-he Chinook: “i” of “il” undotted; mark over “a” of “la^y” looks significant

write v yum Chinook: may be “zum

yarn n stocking whale um

yesterday n talk.e.sun

your p mi. ka’

you p mi. ka

{half } adj sit-cum dol la’ Chinook: may not be {dollar} final apostrophe

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