Daily Archive: October 1, 2022

1883, Goldendale WA: From the faithful Lucy (a drag queen)

How is today’s writer like sweet Betseyannspikes?

1948: BC oldtimers who speak Chinook: Names are named!

This mid-century local colour piece managed to draw a number of surviving Chinuk Wawa speakers out of the woodwork.

1891, Vancouver BC: A stupid potlatch?!

Points to the Vancouver paper, for introducing its report on a Native potlatch with the culturally perceptive description that itʹs a “festival which is of a semi-religious character”.

1888, Umatilla: A Polyglot Court

This may have taken place in Portland, Oregon, with a Native defendant from the Umatilla area of northeast Oregon, in the late frontier period.

1892, Seattle: The Pocahontas-John Smith tableau, in Jargon

This is far from the first time the name “Pocahontas” has made its appearance on my website…