Is It Corbett?

corbett photo

HW Corbett (3rd from right in stovepipe hat), Portland, 1852 (image credit: Wikipedia)

Coy headlines + lots of Chinuk Wawa words……this always gets my attention.

Today’s find is a Hiawatha-esque allegory presented as if reprinted from a fictional newspaper, the Chemawa Wa Wa.

It’s pretty obviously talking about Henry W. Corbett, a Portland, Oregon pioneer of 1851 who went on to enormous financial success.

Because he arrived so early, he must have understood enough Jargon to catch what was being said of him here.

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I won’t transcribe this article, but you can click the link to go take it in at your leisure: it’s in the Hillsboro (OR) Argus of December 2, 1897, page 2, column 4.

What do you think?