Monthly Archive: August, 2019

‘Friend’ is from Nez Perce?

A newish book that I recently finished, and found to be an absorbing reading experience, is Debra Gwartney’s mixed memoir-biography, “I Am a Stranger Here Myself“, dealing with the life of early Protestant… Continue reading

Nicola 1904: Sad Accident (Part 2)

Gory details ensue in this second part of a tragic mini-series…

Chinuk Wawa & “Tribes” of I.O.R.M.

The “Improved Order of Red Men” had a long association with Chinuk Wawa…

Freshwater háykwa?

Eileen Delehanty Pearkes’s “North of the Border” column in North Columbia Monthly of July 2019, titled “A Pearl of Great Price’, relays an amazing bit of traditional Salish knowledge.

1900: Tlingit Indians’ word for ‘Mounties’

It’s the rule more than an exception, that we discover some signficant new point whenever Chinuk Wawa turns up in an old newspaper story.

Nicola 1904: Sad Accident (Part 1)

A member of an important Nicola Lake family dies tragically…

In case you missed it: a fine magazine article

In “Columbia” magazine recently (Winter 2017-18 issue), Robert Foxcurran published a very fine article titled “Chinuk Wawa“.