Chinuk Wawa & “Tribes” of I.O.R.M.

The “Improved Order of Red Men” had a long association with Chinuk Wawa…

Of course, this was as far as I know a Whites-only fraternal organization back in post-frontier times, so the pressure on them to speak *good*, understandable Jargon was real light.

Still and all, you keep finding endless instances of the IORM together with this language, when you spend your days combing thru the archives.

Here are three more examples:


iorm skokomish.PNG

— from the Shelton (Wa) Mason County Journal of September 14, 1900, page 3, column 2


iorm kumtux

— from the San Francisco (CA) Call of May 28, 1898, page 28, column 5


There is also a Pilchuk or Pilchuck (‘Red Water’) Tribe, in WA.

What have you learned?