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1899: Red Men’s Day at the Spokane Fair

It was after “the closing of the frontier”, but Red Men’s Day at the Spokane Fair brought out the editor’s untranslated Chinuk Wawa for knowledgeable news readers’ benefit:

1902: Red Men headline

What I love about this Jargon headline:

Ugh! You’re invited to the Redmen dance!

Add this to your collection of jovial Chinuk Wawa party invitations, sub-file Redmen.

Bring out the wapsina! When the Redmen come to town, you go full Chinook Jargon

Does sex sell dry goods to Red Men? 

Kirkland Social News

Kind of a sad flipside to my recent post on “B.C. Black History (etc.)“.

Chinuk Wawa & “Tribes” of I.O.R.M.

The “Improved Order of Red Men” had a long association with Chinuk Wawa…

Buckskin invitation

The Improved Order of Red Men strike again.

About the Shores of Puget Sound, 1871

[Edited immediately after publishing 🙂 to note — I’ve just realized that word sak-talm ‘paddle’ in Scammon’s article is another good mystery. More soon! DDR] Here’s a leisurely cruise guided by a knowledgeable pilot.

Tillicums, nanage

This oddball item would be an eyecatcher, in your local newspaper in 1898.

Report of the Columbia Mission

Report of the Columbia Mission.  London: Rivingtons, Waterloo Place, 1860 [sic]. A record of the doings of Dr. George Hills (hardly mentioned by name in this book!), the first Anglican Bishop of Columbia, on the Northwest… Continue reading