The importance of women in printing Kamloops Wawa

woman and copying machine

Woman and copying machine (image credit: Office Museum)

All I can add to this superb and important note about Chinuk Pipa‘s reliance on female printers is that Angele Edward was Hyacinth Sisyésq’t’s daughter-in-law.

printing the kamloops wawa

< Printing the Kamloops Wawa. > Anshil Idwar 
                                                                anshél* edwár*
                                                                Angèle Édouard 

                                                                ‘Angele Edward’

pi Ima Hari kopa Kamlups klaska skukum mamuk pus mamuk tsim 
pi éma hári* kʰupa kémlups łaska skúkum mámuk pus mamuk-t’sə́m
and Emma Harry kopa Kamloops they strongly work make-written 

‘and Emma Harry in Kamloops work hard to write’

ukuk Kamlups Wawa kopa tilikom. Klaska chako komtaks alta mamuk 
úkuk kémlups wáwa kʰupa tílikəm. łáska chako-kə́mtəks álta mámuk
this Kamloops Talks for people. They now make 

‘this Kamloops Wawa for the people. They’re now learning to make’

ukuk tsim kopa mashin pi iaka chako drit tlus klaska mamuk.
úkuk t’sə́m kʰupa mashín pi yáka cháko drét-(t)łús(h) łaska mámuk.
this writing on machine and it become really-good their work. 

‘this writing by [Edison mimeograph] machine, and their work has gotten really good.’

— from Kamloops Wawa #67 (February 26, 1893), page 4

ikta maika chako komtaks?
What have you learned?