Crowdsourcing: what’s the tune to this Chinook hymn?

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Can you help me find the tune to this Ten Commandments hymn in Chinook Jargon?


<The Ten Commandments.>


     Mamuk haha S[ahali] T[aii],
Worship God,

kwansim aias tiki iaka;
always love him; 

     tlus ilo kansih mamuk nim
never say the name of 

ST kopa kaltash.
God for no good reason. 


     Ilo mamuk kopa Sondi
Don’t work on Sundays 

pi tlus nanich maika styuil;
and pay attention to your prayers; 

     hilp maika papa pi mama,
help your father and mother, 

kakwa maika lili mitlait.
so you’ll live long.  


     Wik mamuk mimlus klaksta man
Don’t kill any person 

wik tiki pus klaksta mimlus;
don’t wish anyone dead; 

     wik mamuk shim maika itluil
don’t bring shame to your body 

pi wik tomtom kopa kakwa.
and don’t think of doing it. 


     Wik kansih maika kapshwala
Never steal 

hloima man iaka iktas;
another person’s property; 

     ilo wiht maika tliminhwit
don’t lie either 

pi wik lolo kaltash siisim.
and don’t spread idle stories. 


     Wik tomtom kopa masachi
Don’t think of evil things

aiak kilapai maika tomtom;
be quick to turn your mind away; 

[right column:]

     wik wiht maika ayu tiki
neither should you long to

tlap klaksta man iaka iktas.
get any person’s property. 

— Kamloops Wawa #207 (December 1903), page 116