Trial run of the Chinook Bible History, 5 years earlier


5 years before it was published at Kamloops as a book, the Chinook Bible History in shorthand made a partial appearance in the Kamloops Wawa newspaper.

At the end of one installment (KW#117, June 1894, page 114), we’re told:

Bishop Durieu's bible history in KW first (2)

Lisivik bishop Dyuriyu
iaka mamuk ukuk aias tlus
siisim kopa Shinuk. Alki
wiht iaka kuli ukuk siisim
kopa iht pipa.

“The bishop, bishop [sic] Durieu
wrote this wonderful
story in Chinook. In the future
this story will continue running
in some issue.”

It will be interesting, as work on all this material continues, to compare the above older version with the later expanded history!

durieu's chinook bible history