Giving thanks in Chinuk Wawa


O nsaika drit yutl tomtom kopa nsaika tanas
shako kopit sik. Nsaika wawa mirsi kopa ST kopa ukuk.

“Oh, we’re really glad about our children
recuperating. We thank God for it.”


…pi lilu iaka chik ants kanamokst
Sin Fraswa. Pus tilikom nanish ukuk klaska shako patl yutl klaska
tomtom. Klaska ayu wawa mirsi kopa ST.

“…and the wolf shook hands with
Saint Francis. When the people saw this their hearts were filled with joy.
They kept thanking God.”


Pi ayu fish chako wik saia kopa ilihi ...
Pi Sin Fraswa
wawa kopa klaska: “Naika tilikom fish. Tlus msaika kwanisim
mirsi kopa ST. Iaka aias tlus nanish kopa msaika. Iaka patlash
tlus chok kopa msaika pus msaika mitlait. Pus msaika tiki solt
chok mitlait solt chok pus msaika ilip tiki shok ilo solt
mitlait stalo pi lik. Ankati pus kanawi tilikom mimlus
kopa chok, wik msaika mimlus: Wik kata msaika mimlus kopa chok
ST patlash makmak kopa msaika. Tlus msaika kwanisim yutl tomtom
kopa iaka.

“And a lot of fish came near to the land…
and Saint Francis
said to them: ‘My friends the fish. Always be
thankful to God. He takes very good care of you. He gives
you good water so you can live. If you want salt
water there is salt water, if you prefer water without salt
there are rivers and lakes. Long ago when all the people were
drowned, you didn’t die: It’s impossible for you to drown[.]
God gives you food. Always be glad
for him.'”


Wik dokta mamuk tlus maika: Ayu
tilikom mamuk styuil pus maika pi ST mamuk kolan kopa klaska
styuil, kakwa wik maika mimlus. Tlus maika wawa mirsi kopa

“‘It’s not a doctor that healed you: A lot of
people prayed for you and God listened to their
prayers, so you didn’t die. You need to thank



Tlus wawa
mirsi kopa msaika papa lisivik iaka patlach ukuk
aias tlus siisim kopa msaika…

thanks to your father the bishop, who has given this
beautiful story to you…”



Drit ayu tlus iktas nsaika tlap alta wan sno
Tlus nsaika mirsi kopa ST

“There are many good things we have received since a year ago[.]
Let’s be grateful to God.”