You, government White man, why don’t you first have a look at this Chinook writing?

The sequel to my post yesterday continues Father Le Jeune’s rant against White cynicism.

Again, look closely.  The differences between what Le Jeune writes in English (pretty civilly) and his Chinook Jargon (translated below, and pretty blunt) are significant!

Kamloops Wawa #61 of 15 January 1893 (pages 9 & 10):

more uppity start (2)

Ikta ilo mamuk komtaks
Why not teach 

Inglish kopa tilikom pi ilo
English to the [Indian] people and not 

ukuk Shinuk? = Tlus shako
this Chinook?  = Come 

mamuk komtaks [NULL].
and teach it!

Alta mitlait tilikom klaska
There are now people who 

mamuk Shinuk pipa kanawi
are using Chinook writing all 

kah kopa ukuk ilihi.
around this region.  

Klaska mamuk skul kanamokst
They are studying together 

kopa kanawi ilihi: kopa
at all the villages: at 

Kamlups, kopa Shushwap,
Kamloops, at Shuswap Lake, 

More uppity finish (2)

Page 10

kopa SShB, Spahomin
at St John the Baptist [North Thompson / Chu Chua], Spahomin [Douglas Lake], 

Kol Watir, Liton
Coldwater, Lytton, 

Krapashishin, Spisom
North Bend, Spuzzum, 

Spillamshin Liluat
Spallumcheen, Lillooet, 

Wiliams Lik, Skrawlich
Williams Lake, Scowlitz, 

ItS…Klaksta man
etc…What person 

iaka komtaks mamuk skul
is able to teach 

Inglish kopa kanawi tilikom
English to all the people 

kopa kanawi ka ilihi kanamokst
in every place all together?  

Pus wik nsaika mamuk komtaks
If we aren’t teaching 

Inglish kopa tilikom drit aiak
English to the [Indian] people right away 

alta,wik na nsaika mamuk
yet, are we not 

komtaks ikta kopa klaska?
teaching anything to them?  

Maika taii tkop man,
You, government White man, 

maika ayu wawa kopa nsaika,
you [who] keep talking to us, 

tlus maika ilip nanish kopa
why don’t you first have a look at 

ukuk pipa ikta nsaika mamuk,
this writing, what we’re doing, 

pi iawa maika shako komtaks
and then you’ll learn 

ikta tomtom pi ikta wawa
what spirit and what words 

kopa ukuk Shinuk pipa.
are in this Chinook writing.