White good, Indian bad

A racist Catch-22.  Paraphrased:

The only good Indian is one who you turn into a White person.  The only easy way to acculturate the Indians is to use Chinook Jargon.  Chinook Jargon is a worthless Indian language.

Read on as Father Le Jeune describes to his Kamloops Wawa readers the kind of prejudices his newspaper meets with from Whites.  (Issue #60 of 8 January 1893, pages 1 & 2.)  It may be interesting to compare what he’s saying to the Aboriginal people, which I translate below, with his English version seen in these images.

white good indian bad start (2)

Pus chi ikta shako kopa
When a new thing comes along in

ilihi, aiak tilikom
this world, some people 

shako tiki ukuk, pi hlwima
come rushing, wanting it, while other 

tilikom ilo tiki [NULL].
people hate it.

Alta ukuk Shinuk pipa
Now this Chinook paper 

chi shako kopa msaika.
has recently come to you folks.

Pi alta ilip kopa <300>
And now more than 300

tilikom chako komtaks ikta
[Indian] people are learning what

iaka wawa ukuk pipa. Ilo
this paper says.  It won’t

aias lili pi klaska shako
be very long till they have


Pi aiak hlwima tikop
But right away other, White, 

tilikom klaska kaltash wawa[…]
people start putting down[…]

white good indian bad end (2)

Ikta mamuk ilo mamuk skul
“Why not teach

kopa Inglish kopa tilikom? wawa
English to the [Indian] people?” says 

iht man. = Kopit Sawash
one man.  = “It’s just an Indian

pipa ukuk, wawa iht
paper, this,” says

man. = Kaltash
another.  =

hand [SIC] ukuk, wawa iht
“That’s worthless shorthand,” says still

man. = Kopit
another.  = “Just

Sawash chort hand wawa
Indian shorthand,” says

iht hlwima man.
still another man.

Ilo ik[ta] tlus iaka
“It does nothing good

mamuk kopa Sawash,
for the Indians,” 

wawa iht man.
says another.

Iaka mamuk Sawash
“It makes the Indians

chako sahali tomtom
get uppity,”

wawa iht man.
says another.

Alki nsaika nanish kata
We shall see how 

ukuk kanawi. Alki kanawi
all of this is.  In time, every-

tilikom chako komtaks
body will find out

pus tlus ukuk Shinuk
whether this Chinook writing 

pipa pus kaltash
is good or worthless.