Ivan Munk, “Spokane country: The way it was”

Ivan Munk.  1973.  “Spokane country: The way it was / A Spokane heritage publication.”  Spokane, WA: Spokane Heritage Publishing Co.

Spokane Country the Way It Was

This is a wonderfully researched, thought-out and drawn comic-book format treatment of major points in Spokane’s history.

Ivan Munk wrote and drew it.

At the bottom of the second page of the “Legend of the Spokanes: As told by Chief Lot of the Spokane Tribe”, there’s a panel with the text,

“Then one day, according to the legend, at noon (called sit-kum-sun) this life was ended…the skies became as dark as night.”

‘Sit-kum-sun’ is indeed the middle of the day…in Chinook Jargon.

There’s a bibliography at the end of the book; I’d like to track down where this story from Whis-tel-posum (Lot) is found.  Was he talking some CJ to the non-Native recorder?

Later in the book, a story on “James Glover” [founder of our fair city] depicts him and his partner J.N. Metheny riding out of the Palouse country toward present-day Spokane:

Spokane Country James Glover


This is a colorful visualization of the point in Glover’s journey where his memoirs say he talked Chinook Jargon with some Indians.

I’m blogging late at night, so excuse the rough and ready scans.  Off to bed! — Dave