1900: “Hiou Tenas Iktah”

Some really nice visuals are to be found in an obscure old book with a Chinuk Wawa title…

Screenshot 2022-09-19 092724

…but there’s not much more Jargon in it than the title!

So today’s post is just a lighthearted chance to enjoy a book printer’s craftmanship.

This volume is rich guy & source of a minor CW lexicon, Edward Jay Allen’s, vanity publication “Hiou Tenas Iktah” (Cambridge [MA]: Riverside Press, 1900). Tiny quirk: the publication date is written as MDCCCC instead of MCM.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 074419

The author tells us in his preface (on an unnumbered page) that Hiou Tenas Iktah (háyú tənəs-íkta, good Chinook for ‘lots of little things’) means ‘A Lot of Trifles’ to him. This is just a collection made for loved ones’ sake, of amateur verses that Allen wrote for them on various occasions throughout his life.

Click the live link just above, to go sample this hobby publication.

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