2022: Art involving Chinuk Wawa

Opening in the Vancouver, BC metro area as I write this article, and running through December 11th, is an exciting new work of art involving fluent spoken Chinuk Wawa.

(Image credit: Galleries West)

Henry Tsang’s 2019 video installation “Tansy Point” is at Surrey Art Gallery, 13750 88 Ave., Surrey, BC, V3W 3L1.

Some of you will recognize the place-name reference there. Tansy Point is where treaties with the Chinookan people were signed. Those treaties were never ratified by the US government, however — which didn’t stop the Americans from taking those tribes’ lands and rights.

This art piece involves text spoken in Chinook Jargon by Tony A. Johnson, Chair of the Chinook Indian Nation, as well as projected video involving an English translation.

Sounds like a piece worth going to see in person.

While you’re in the area, you can also visit Tsang’s 1997 public artwork in Vancouver, “Welcome to the Land of Light“.

He’s also the creator of the Chinuk Wawa-themed installation “Kamloops Wawa” in Kamloops.

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