1911: The vampire used a combination of Chinook and sign language :)

Extra Halloween / Chinook material for you…


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From a baseball game in western Washington!

Apparently their belief in people power extended to favoring the fans over the officials in sports…


Oh, yes. We’re not done till we say something about the vampire. Ed Honnessey presided behind the pitcher. It was the unanimous decision of the bleachers long before the first inning was over that the vampire had been imported for the occasion from the state home for the blind and the decision of the bleachers stood throughout the game. One sarcastic fan remarked that the vampire used a combination of the Chinook jargon and the sign language but that remark was unkind. Nobody cared much anyway, neither side got any the worst of it in the matter of decision.

— from the Everett (WA) Labor Journal of June 2, 1911, page 1, column 3

“Vampire” of course is old baseball slang for that perennial target of derision, the “umpire”…

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