Crowdsourcing challenge: More Chinook Jargon archival audio?

My readers have been known to come up with great responses when I challenge them…


Chinook audio! (Image credit: Pond5)

…So, today, I hereby ask all of you Chinookers:

Do you know of old sound recordings of Chinuk Wawa that I should research & list on this site’s AUDIO page?

In 25 years of work on CW, in addition to links to online stuff, I’ve accumulated a decent number of tapes, CD’s, .WAV files, and so on, that preserve the Jargon as it’s sung and spoken.

Some of that stuff has been:

  • homemade tapes of their relatives, that folks decided to share with me
  • copies of commercial vinyl LP’s
  • anthropologists’ & linguists’ field recordings (including ones I’ve done)

Do you know of Chinook Jargon audio that I should research??

Post a comment below — or email me.

Hayu masi!