Monthly Archive: March, 2021

‘Away’ with words

Here’s a formation that I wager is English-inspired in CW.

1903: Nuučaan’uɬ sealers plan a party, until…

It’s not made clear whether any of the Chinuk Wawa words below were spoken on the scene…

sáʔ-formations in SW WA Salish…do they have something to do with Chinuk Wawa?

A root for ‘make’ that occurs mostly in compounds naturally makes me think of Chinuk Wawa’s mamuk- / munk- Causative prefix.

1888: A sermon by Myron Eells (Part 1)

There’s an entire genre of overlooked Chinuk Wawa texts in plain sight…

1867: A memaloose illahee is lost to racist arson

Victoria, middle of the frontier era: an apparently racist arson attack destroys a sacred cultural site on what’s now called Halkett Island.

Pre-1917: Ka-mi-akin, Last Hero of the Yakamas, part 2 of 2

Returning to A.J. Splawn’s excellent 1917 book now…

Some needed followup on ‘knock’

In my article “Hard hardwood, creolization, deviltree, and pissed-off voyageurs“, I realized (among other fun realizations; go read them) that ‘woodpecker’ in CW is really French-Canadian…

Lie-telling, Salish, and natural gender on the Lower Columbia

There’s a little more to know about Chinuk Wawa’s word for ‘a lie; tell a lie’.

El Comancho’s Washington, DC newspaper column on Chinook Jargon (6 of 6)

The “Boys and Girls Page” also has this puzzle that’s stumping me Today, a “Comancho Campfire Stories” installment that includes some possibly real Jargon —

“Sweet BetseyAnn Spikes” :) (part 6 of 7)

BetseyAnn Spikes (a dude) makes a penultimate appearance…