Monthly Archive: March, 2021

What can and can’t be joined by “pi”?

Have I not written anything on this before?

1884: CW from a Spokane Indian

Cribbing from other sources, the wonderfully titled newspaper “Monroe’s Iron-Clad Age” brings us some quoted Chinuk Wawa from eastern Washington.

1895: CW-speaking expert canoeist Haidas in Hawai’i

A Hawai’i newspaper tells of a disabled Haida-crewed sealing schooner limping into port there, and in turn rescuing 3 drifting Japanese fishermen…

Stumanu (“William Brooks”), 1819?-1839: An early CW speaker

A “Chinook” fella born before Fort Vancouver was founded gives every indication of having spoken good Chinuk Wawa.

1890+: Washington was “The Chinook State”, and should be again!

Our motto was always the Chinook “Alki” (áɬqi, ‘in the future; bye and bye; eventually; mañana; just you wait and see’)…

Understanding úkuk + Possessive

Here’s a usage of úkuk not pointed out in the major dictionary…

Renamed Tumwater Middle School

“The renamed Tumwater Middle School in Portland, Oregon’s suburb of Beaverton honors the Chinuk Wawa language”, says the media headline.

Be there, go there: get right on it

Among the countless facts of Chinuk Wawa that only become clear once you leave dictionaries behind…

Monster talk: A genderless use of yaka…

… and non-inanimate uses of both ikta ‘thing’ and “silent it”?!

2 kinds of ‘when’ in 2 dialects

And 2 polarities!