1891: Chinuk Wawa time capsule in Victoria, BC

centennial methodist

Centennial Methodist Church, Victoria, BC (image credit: Centennial United Church

It’s been 129 years — let’s dig this up & find out what the “book in Chinook” is!

time capsule 1

The building being reported on is the “new ‘Centennial’ Methodist Church on the Gorge Road“.

time capsule 2

Mr. James Gray read the contents of the box which was to be placed under the foundation stone. In it were a Bible, copies of the minutes of the British Columbia Conference, 1891, of the Christian Guardian, Methodist Magazine, COLONIST and Times, a book in Chinook…

— from the Victoria (BC) British Colonist of September 2, 1891, page 2, column 1

What book do you suppose it was?