The Mazamas

the mazamas

This logo used to be in Chinook Jargon (image credit:

Today I’m just reproducing the closing paragraph of a published invitation (otherwise in English) from the Pacific Northwest’s legendary mountaineering club, The Mazamas. (They still exist.)


“Trusting you will make complete arrangements and be in readiness to join our ‘Mam-ook he’-he, Hy-as Kloshe, Hy-iu muckamuck.’ “

— from the Challis (ID) Silver Messenger of April 8, 1902, page 8, column 2

Neither the Idaho editor nor the Oregon inviter translated this sentiment, as it’s in such basic Chinook Jargon — using only words that were also regional English slang. So here’s a quick look at their meaning. We’re meant to take them as a noun phrase, since the word “our” comes just before them. Proceeding from there:

Mam-ook he’-he, Hy-as Kloshe, Hy-iu muckamuck
mamuk-híhi, hayas-łúsh, háyú mə́kʰmək
make-fun, very-good, much food
‘fun time (and) excellent feed’

Strictly speaking, < Mam-ook he’-he > isn’t a noun in Chinuk Wawa. But you get the idea!

Kahta mika tumtum?
What do you think?